We are proud of our past and strive to a successful future...

Our history

History KAWAN FOOD BERHAD has more than 40 years of production experience.

It all started more than 40 years ago at a modest family-run business that made and sold home-made traditional pastries to local groceries and supermarkets. Our founders took a great pride in work, baking and packing our food with love and care. While the food was sold fresh on the same day it was made, business was nevertheless limited to geographical locations that were not too far away; any further and it would have had been difficult to ensure the food stayed fresh throughout the journey! By mid-1980s, however, as the business was gaining a steady lead in the local market, there was the inevitable need to expand beyond Malaysia shores.

One problem: how to ensure exports stayed fresh on the journey abroad? Our founders had already ruled out using preservatives and artificial ingredients that did not spoil easily, as we believed in providing everyone with only authentic and safe food of the highest quality. In our quest to find a way to lengthen their food’s shelf life and retain its Asian heritage and home-made goodness, our founders found a solution: we would freeze our products. This decision changed the course of their business and resulted in the brand known today as Kawan Food.


Kawan's humble beginnings

A family started making traditional food products such as pau, spring roll pastry & kuih manually. The making of such traditional food can be a tedious, involves many processes. Predicting that this may become a dying trade, the son, Mr T.C. GAN, began to automate the process. He then went a step further to preserve the freshness through freezing to extend the reach of traditional food to more people


Kian Guan Trading was founded

In the late 1970s, Gan Thiam Chai founded Kian Guan Trading as a sole proprietorship. It started by supplying traditional and homemade pastry products such as “Kuih Bakul”  – Chinese New Year Gold Cake and “kulit Popiah” – Spring Roll Pastry to local groceries and supermarkets


Incorporation of Kawan Food Manufacturing

Incorporation of Kawan Food Manufacturing (KFM) – Started exporting in mid 1980’s. First export market was Australia.


Established a new manufacturing facility

In year 2000, we established a new manufacturing facility at section 15, and have continued to invest heavily in our employees and the latest technology since.


Awards & recognition

KFM awarded the Enterprise 50 Award for 2002 by SMIDEC and Accenture

KFM awarded the International Award For Best Performance by Council of International Awards, U.K.

The automation process of Roti Paratha accredited with HACCP. We are proud to be the first company in the world to manufacture frozen roti parathas and chapattis through automation.


More awards & recognitions

KFM awarded the Enterprise 50 Award for 2003 by SMIDEC and Accenture

Roti Paratha named as a Highly Commended Product by Malaysia Institute of Food Technology (MIFT)

KFM awarded a Golden Bull Award 2003 by Nanyang Siang Pau Berhad

KFM was awarded the 2nd Asia Pacific International/ Malaysian Honesty Enterprise Keris Award by the Enterpreneur Development Association of Malaysia together with several other joint organisers


Incorporation of KG Pastry Marketing Sdn Bhd (KGPM)

Incorporation of KGPM (KG Pastry Marketing Sdn Bhd)

KFM awarded 7th Place in the Golden Bull Awards 2004 by Nanyang Siang Pau Berhad

KFM awarded 1st Place in the Enterprise 50 Award for 2004 by SMIDEC and Delloite Consulting Malaysia Sdn Bhd


Kawan Food went public listed

Listed on 2nd board Bursa Malaysia – KFB (Kawan Food Berhad was incorporated)


Kawan Food (Nantong) Co. Ltd Incorporated

Kawan Food (Nantong) Co. Ltd incorporated in August 2006 and located in the Nantong Economic & Technology Development Area in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China, measuring 438,886.38sqf. KFN factory started operation in year 2008


Food safety accreditation

ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management System accreditation


Factory Expansion

Started renovating office and factory  48,265.33 sq ft in Section 16 Jalan Kemajuan and in year 2009 moved in and started operation

KFHK (Kawan Food Hong Kong) incorporated


BRC Acrreditation

March – Accredited BRC Global Standard for Food Safety


100 Million mark in Sales Revenue

Hit more than 100 Million mark in Sales Revenue

KFN (China) accredited with ISO22000:2005 Food Safety management system

KFM Group acquired a pcs of Land in Selangor Halal Hub in Pulau Indah measuring 678,985.74 sq Ft


The beginning of Pulau Indah factory

Kawan Food Pulau Indah factory commenced construction.



Best Under Billion Awards (BUBA) 2016 (Kawan Food) – (Best Enterprise value growth)



The Edge Billion Ringgit Club 2017 – (Highest returns to shareholders over 3 years)