Kawan Food Berhad (“the Company”) is committed to promoting and maintaining high standards of integrity of transparency, accountability in the conduct of its businesses and operations.

In line with this commitment and with the introduction of the Whistle Blower Protection Act 2010, all employees and interested parties (“the reporting individual”) are encouraged to report suspected and/or known misconduct, wrongdoings, corruption and instances of fraud, waste and/or abuse involving the resources of the Company.


The objective of this policy and procedure is to

  • To provide and facilitate a mechanism for any reporting individual (“RI”) to report concerns about any suspected and/or known misconduct, wrongdoings, corruption, fraud, waste and/or abuse.
  • To provide protection to the RI from reprisal as a direct consequence of making disclosure and to safeguard the RI’s confidentiality.
  • To provide clear procedures for the reporting of such matters.
  • To manage all disclosure in a timely, consistent and professional manner.


This policy applies to all employees of the Company and its subsidiaries (“the Group”), persons providing services to the Group and members of the public where relevant.

The policy covers the following allegations of misconduct, wrongdoing or improper conduct or abuse:

  1. conduct which constitute a criminal offence under the law, such as fraud, corruption, forgery, cheating, criminal breach of trust, insider dealing, abetting or intending to commit criminal offence. 
  2. gross waste of the Company’s resources or intended destruction of Company’s property.
  3. failure to comply with legal or regulatory obligations.
  4. damage to the environment.
  5. an act or omission which creates a substantial and specific danger to lives, health or safety risk to the public as well other employees.
  6. other unethical conduct.

The above list is not exhaustive. This policy does not apply or replace the Company’s existing range of policies and procedures which deal with standards of behaviour at work. Employees are encouraged to use the provision of these procedures when appropriate.

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